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How Old Can My Baby Get Fluoride on Their Teeth?

How old does my baby need to be before getting fluoride on their teeth?

A fluoride treatment applies a high concentration of fluoride directly to the surface of the baby's teeth to protect their teeth. Fluoride application can prevent the occurrence of dental caries and reverse early caries lesions. However, many parents do not know how old the baby must be before getting a fluoride treatment. In fact, babies can have a fluoride application as soon as the first tooth erupts.

Is it safe for babies to get fluoride?

It is recommended that the baby see a dentist for a proper examination and fluoride application. The doctor will control the dose of fluoride application according to the number of teeth and age of the baby. The scientific and standardized use of fluoride is safe, and an appropriate amount of fluoride is beneficial to the baby and will not have any adverse effects.

However, as a reminder to parents, please know that simply relying on fluoride without controlling snacks and sweets and not brushing the teeth well will not wholly prevent caries. For your baby to be caries-free, it is necessary to give them proper nutrition and carry out effective brushing and plaque control. Regular visits to the dentist to take comprehensive measures such as fluoride application and pit and fissure sealing will also help keep your baby's teeth healthy.

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