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How to Brush Your Teeth Without a Toothbrush?

Tired of using your toothbrush?

Using a manual toothbrush can sometimes be tiring. Also, if you don’t properly use your manual toothbrush and are not aware of the brushing techniques, then most probably, bacteria are still staying on your teeth even though you are brushing. 

This article will discuss the alternative methods of cleaning teeth and keeping your mouth germ-free.

Is rinsing enough?

Some people rinse off their mouth at night with plain water and assume that’s enough, but that’s not! Instead, using a water flosser can be very beneficial. It expels water at a higher pressure removing the debris from the interdental spaces that the ordinary toothbrush cannot reach. It has a detachable 200ml water tank with multiple high-performance nozzles and flossing modes. 

The water flosser is safer and easier to use than dental floss because a wrong flossing technique can injure gums and widen the interdental embrasures. On the other hand, a water flosser only expels a high-speed water beam which is completely nonviolent for your gums and teeth. The portable water flossers at oclean are one of a kind and are reviewed positively by hundreds around the globe.

Forgot to carry a toothbrush along?

If you are traveling and forgot to carry your toothbrush along, you can still keep your teeth clean by multiple methods. One such way is using your finger to remove any food remnants from the teeth. The downside associated with this technique is that the plaque-containing bacteria will retain, and your tooth structure will still be prone to damage. 

Instead of using a solo finger, a baking soda solution can be helpful! You have to mix a bit of baking soda in water and apply that solution onto your teeth with your finger. However, this might roughen your enamel, thereby increasing the retention of sugars. Hence, this will blemish the tooth’s integrity in the long run.

Another way is using sugar-free bubble gum. It cleanses and dissolves most of the plaque from the tooth surface. 

Oil pulling is another ancient method of cleaning teeth. This method applies coconut oil or sesame seed oil around teeth and gums. These oils have the property of dissolving the bacteria and plaque, after which they can be chucked out from the mouth.

The new alternative to a manual toothbrush

The most efficient and contemporary method is the electric toothbrush of all the above methods. Electric toothbrushes are easier to use than manual toothbrushes. All a person needs to do is place it on the tooth surface. 

The head of the electric toothbrush moves in a “to and fro” motion, and the bristles rotate in a circular motion, removing all the debris and bacteria from the tooth surface. Due to these properties, electric toothbrushes cleanse the tooth surfaces more efficiently with much less effort. Smart electric toothbrush at oclean do a magnificent job at this.

As far as the interdental spaces are concerned, as described earlier, water flossers can take good care of that area.


So now, instead of sticking to manual toothbrushes, we should adapt ourselves to the modern methods of tooth cleaning. Electric toothbrushes for the teeth and water flossers for the interdental spaces are the latest and best for a swift and hassle-free mouth cleaning. So don’t forget to shop these items next time you shop online at oclean!

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