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Should You Brush Your Tongue?

Is it OK to brush your tongue with a toothbrush?

Even if you wash your teeth twice a day, floss regularly, and consult with your dentist every six months, you may still be skipping a step that might help keep your mouth healthy and fresh.

Is your tongue going unnoticed? Should you brush your tongue too?

Keeping your tongue clean from bacteria and germs is essential because if you do not brush your tongue, you are missing a vast region that may lead to severe oral health issues.

What happens if you don't brush your tongue properly?

A fun fact- your tongue acts more like a sponge and absorbs a lot of microorganisms.

Do you know how harmful it can be if these harmful bacteria are left on your tongue? They may reproduce and grow, causing a variety of health and dental issues. So just in case, you are wondering, should you brush tongue everyday or not?

Yes, it would be best if you brushed your tongue everyday unless you want to deal with the following condition:

  • Bad Breath

Bad breath is the most common problem you may develop due to bacterial buildup. So if you do not clean your tongue properly, you might have to deal with bad breath forever.

  • Tooth Decay

Brushing and flossing aren't enough to eradicate the bacteria and food particles that accumulate on your tongue. Under such circumstances, it is best to keep your tongue clean to prevent oral problems like tooth decay or periodontal disease.

  • Difficulty in tasting food items

If you do not remove the germs from your tongue, it will ultimately create what is known as a biofilm. This biofilm may block taste buds, drastically altering the flavor of food and drink.

  • Avoid the black hairy tongue

The dark, hair-like impression arises when the little bumps on your tongue known as papillae become stained from consuming dark-colored foods and beverages such as red wine, coffee, or soda. So these black stains need to be removed to maintain a healthy oral condition.

  • Development of oral thrush

Oral thrush, often known as a yeast infection, may occur when bacteria in the mouth are allowed to multiply. In the worst-case scenario, you may have to consult with your dentist, who will prescribe some antifungal medicine to treat a tongue yeast infection.

  • Other periodontal diseases

The bacteria in your mouth can cause mild and severe gum diseases making your gums swollen, red, and irritating.

To deter bacterial accumulation in the tongue and to avoid the conditions above, it is essential to clean your tongue properly.

How are you supposed to brush your tongue?

Your tongue comprises a group of muscles that aid speech, digestion, and swallowing and is coated with papillae, which help you taste and feel different sensations in your mouth. You must not be aware that your tongue may host microorganisms. While most bacterias promote a healthy oral environment, some types may cause foul breath, tooth decay, and gum infections.

Therefore, cleansing your tongue is essential to prevent harmful germs, food debris, and dead cells from accumulating and creating problems. But how should you brush your tongue?

Well, there are several ways to brush your tongue, but one of the easiest ways is to use an electric toothbrush, the one you use to brush your teeth daily. However, if you choose an electric toothbrush to cleanse your tongue, you must know a few simple instructions to achieve the best result.  

Here are a few steps to follow that dentists recommend while you brush your tongue:

  • Wash your smart toothbrush with warm water before you start brushing your tongue.
  • Make sure you hold your toothbrush at an angle of 45 degrees to ensure smooth cleaning or your gumline injury.
  • Start cleaning from the broader part of your tongue to avoid spreading the bacteria throughout your mouth.
  • Use your smart electric toothbrush softly so you don't get hurt.

Finally, wash your mouth with lukewarm water to eradicate any remaining germs that brushing may not have removed.

Are you not supposed to brush your tongue with an electric toothbrush?

It is okay to brush with an electric one because some of the best brands like Oclean come with a tongue cleaning mode. The tongue cleaning mode involves vibrations in a shorter cycle for more gentle cleaning.


Should you brush your tongue every day?

Many individuals who are unaware of the significance of tongue cleansing will spend months or even years without doing it. However, research conducted by Miki Matsui of the Department of Oral Medicine and Iwate Medical University School of Dentistry demonstrates the significance of incorporating this practice into your daily routine.

The body and mouth will clean the tongue to a certain extent, but there is a limit to what the body can accomplish without assistance.

Individual dietary practices and dental hygiene have an effect. Additionally, smoking will impact how frequently you should brush your tongue.

The most effective method is to clean your tongue twice daily, just as you would your teeth. It does not need much time, and this is especially crucial if you suffer from bad breath.

Is your tongue clean enough?

Now that you know how should you brush your tongue, you have finally been able to bid goodbye to bad breath and other severe oral conditions. In most cases, cleaning your tongue eliminates foul breath. Still, you may need to contact a dentist if it persists because conditions like this may occur if you suffer from cavities, throat infections, cancer, or diabetes.

Brushing your tongue must be a mandatory part of your daily dental routine. Some of the top dental experts suggest making it a routine practice. You do not need a specialized instrument to clean your tongue. You may use a smart electric toothbrush rather than using a tongue scraper.

Some of the best smart toothbrushes come with a tongue scraping mode. Have you not been able to find that perfect toothbrush to clean your teeth and tongue?

In that case, you must get your hands to the best Oclean electric toothbrushes available with a tongue cleaner to ensure excellent tongue care. Its ergonomic design and top-notch features make it stand out from other toothbrushes. These AI-enabled smart electric toothbrushes are worth giving a try. Are you ready to join the Oclean family?

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