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What Should I Do if the Deciduous Tooth Decays?

Because the course of dental caries is relatively long, the pain in the initial stage of caries is not apparent. Thus, some parents do not find it in time and miss the best time for treatment. Many parents find that their children's deciduous teeth are severe when they are rotten. Therefore, caries in children's deciduous teeth should be detected and treated early. If the pulp infection is not treated in time, it can cause infection of the tissue around the root. The infection can result in periapical periodontitis that manifests as gingival swelling and pus.

What Are the Treatments for Decayed Deciduous Teeth?

It is essential to treat decayed deciduous teeth, including the following measures:

  1. Early shallow caries: After cleaning the carious tissue, caries can be filled with materials suitable for children.
  2. Larger and deeper caries: If the tooth nerve is not rotted,caries can be filled and cleaned before receiving a "small crown" onthe deciduous teeth. The crown can protect and strengthen the teeth to replace permanent teeth better.
  3. Rotten tooth nerves can cause toothaches and prolong the use time of deciduous teeth.
  4. Severe periapical infection: Severe carious infection spreads around the root and affects the permanent tooth germ. When the root is severely absorbed, the infected deciduous tooth needs to be pulled out,and a space maintainer is inserted to occupy the space for the future permanent tooth.

How Can Small Crowns Help Baby Teeth?

Some parents and children think the crown affects the tooth’s appearance and are unwilling to do it. However, they can help baby teeth with the following benefits:

  1. "Small crowns" can restore the shape of baby teeth.
  2. Crowns can increase the strength of deciduous teeth. They can also balance and enhance the child’s bite.
  3. After filling the tooth, crowns can protect the whole tooth to avoid the separation of filling material or furtherdecay of the tooth.
  4. Crowns can extend the lifespan of decayed deciduous teeth.

Key Takeaway

Decayed deciduous teeth should be taken seriously, and several treatment options are available, including small crowns. Small crowns can help restore the baby teeth and make them stronger and resistant to future decay.


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