Why Are My Gums Itchy?


Your gums can give you a lot of information about your oral health and events happening in your body.

Although they usually shouldn't manifest any symptoms, on a few occasions, they can itch. This is often related to gum disease. However, it doesn't always mean you have a condition or something wrong in your mouth.

Fortunately, preventing your gums from itching is usually simple. If you use a soft smart toothbrush, you can avoid any discomfort.

We will explain in this article why your gums are itchy and how to cure them.

Do itchy gums mean healing?

Itchy gums can mean multiple things. The most common reason for itchy gums is gum disease. However, on a few occasions, it can be the opposite and means that your gums are undergoing a healing process.

Although it doesn't always happen, your gums can get itchy as they heal from an injury or an oral surgery. This itching sensation tends to develop after tooth extraction. It is a frequent sign that your gums are healing properly.

Nonetheless, it is vital not to touch your gums and avoid scratching. This can hurt them and interfere with healing.

On the contrary, itching gums can also mean that gum disease is developing, hormonal changes, or an allergic reaction. This reaction can be triggered by food, medicine, or pets.

How do you cure itchy gums?

The cure for itchy gums depends on the cause.

Brushing your teeth with a soft electric toothbrush is the best way to cure your itchiness if it is caused by gum disease. A high-quality soft electric toothbrush, such as the ones from Oclean, can remove plaque more efficiently. The sonic toothbrushes vibrate at high-speed to ensure no plaque is left on the teeth' surfaces. Therefore, curing gum disease and stopping the itch.

Furthermore, these electric toothbrushes, such as the X10 and the X Pro, can be equipped with soft and extra soft heads. This way, you can prevent any discomfort in your already sensitive gums.




Other treatment alternatives include rinsing your mouth with warm salt water to ease the itchiness. This is especially useful in gum disease cases and itchiness post tooth extraction. However, remember that you shouldn't spit water during the first few days after the tooth extraction.

Taking antihistamines can ease your discomfort if your gum itch due to allergies.

Lastly, you should make an appointment with your dentist if the traditional methods don't work. It may be possible that you require professional dental cleaning to cure your itch.

Itchy gums are usually caused by gum disease. Nonetheless, it can also be a symptom of an effective healing process after tooth extraction. Furthermore,  the cure for the itch is determined by the cause. However, getting a sonic electric toothbrush can be all you need to ease discomfort.

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