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Why Does My Child Have Two Rows of Teeth?

The term "double row teeth” refers to the retention of deciduous teeth. This occurs when the deciduous teeth do not fall out when they should have, and the newly erupted inherited teeth (inherited permanent teeth) continue to erupt. Thus, the deciduous teeth and the corresponding inherited new teeth simultaneously appear in the oral cavity, creating a phenomenon that is informally called "double row teeth."

Why Does My Child Have Two Rows of Teeth?

Why Does My Child Still Have Deciduous Teeth?

There are multiple reasons that deciduous teeth appear, such as the following:

  1. Soft, delicate, small, and brokenpieces offood do not stimulate the teeth in multiple directions, making it difficult for deciduous teeth to fall out.
  2. Inherited congenital loss of permanent teeth, impacted ambush, and ectopic eruptioncannot promote the loss of deciduous teeth.
  3. There are supernumerary teeth.
  4. Certain systemic factors, rickets, dwarfism, and genetic factorsprevent the loss of deciduous teeth.

What Are the Dangers of Retaining Deciduous Teeth?

The decision to keep deciduous teeth can be dangerous. Some of the negative consequences are as follows:

  1. The inherited permanent tooth germ is congenitally missing or impactedand cannot be arranged in a normal position, resulting in uneven teeth.
  2. The retention of deciduous teeth is easy for food impaction, and the toothbrush cannot clean teeth properly. Thus,plaque quickly accumulates and can lead togingival inflammation and bad breath.
  3. Inherited permanent teeth cannot erupt on the normal dentition. Thismay induce oral inflammatory diseases likedental caries, pulpitis, and periapical periodontitis.

What Should I Do if Deciduous Teeth Are Still Present?

If the child still has deciduous teeth, it is best to take them to a professional dentist. Often, removal is recommended.

Key Takeaway

The retention of deciduous teeth results in two rows of teeth, informally called “double row teeth.” This can present oral health challenges, and in most cases, the deciduous teeth must be removed if they refuse to fall out.


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