Gift Card Terms


1. What is an Oclean Gift Card?

An Oclean Gift Card is a prepaid code (an electronic “gift card” or “gift certificate”) that you can purchase to use yourself or give to a Recipient. When you purchase an Oclean Gift Card, we load it with a specific amount of funds redeemable to buy certain products (“Eligible Goods,” as defined in Section 2 below) offered and sold by Oclean. There is no plastic card or other physical object that holds value or that you will need to use to buy Eligible Goods. Instead, you will use or, as desired, give to a Recipient an Oclean Gift Card code that we will provide by email.

The Oclean Gift Card is not a credit card, a checking account, or connected in any way to any account other than a stored value account where your funds are held. You will not receive any interest on the funds in your Oclean Gift Card account. The Oclean Gift Card is not issued by a bank, and the associated funds are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

2. What Eligible Goods can a Cardholder buy with Oclean Gift Card funds?

Eligible Goods Oclean Gift Card holders can buy using Oclean Gift Card funds are the items available on Oclean online Store. Eligible Goods include for example, electric toothbrushes, replacement brush heads, water flosser, and other accessories on our online store. Please visit our online Store for the complete listing of available Eligible Goods.

3. Do Oclean Gift Card funds expire?

Yes. They will expire three years after purchase.

4. Will there be any fees charged against Oclean Gift Card funds?


5. How does a Cardholder use an Oclean Gift Card to buy Eligible Goods?

You go to our online Store, add desired Eligible Goods to your shopping cart, and, during the checkout process, enter the Oclean Gift Card code in the box labeled “Enter coupon or gift code” Each time you use an Oclean Gift Card, you authorize us to reduce the value available on the Oclean Gift Card by the lesser of the amount of the transaction of the remaining value available on the Oclean Gift Card. You will be required to establish a login with an email address and password in order to complete your purchase of eligible goods.

6. Can a Cardholder combine Oclean Gift Card funds and other payment methods?

Yes. When you enter an Oclean Gift Card code at checkout to buy Eligible Goods at our online Store, we will deduct funds up to the amount of the full purchase price. If the balance of available funds associated with an Oclean Gift Card code entered at checkout is insufficient to buy the Eligible Goods in your shopping cart, we will deduct the remaining balance on the Oclean Gift Card and prompt you to enter a different payment method for the unpaid cost of the applicable Eligible Goods.

YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO EXCEED THE BALANCE OF THE FUNDS AVAILABLE ON YOUR Oclean Gift Card. If you attempt to use an Oclean Gift Card when there are insufficient funds associated with it, the transaction will generally be declined.

7. How can a Cardholder check the remaining balance associated with an Oclean Gift Card?

You can contact to to check the remaining balance associated with an Oclean Gift Card.

8. Can value be added onto an Oclean Gift Card after purchase?

No. Your Oclean Gift Card is not reloadable.

9. What restrictions apply to Oclean Gift Card use?

Your Oclean Gift Card cannot be:

·Redeemed or refunded for cash, except as required by applicable law

·Used at an automated teller machine or to obtain cash in any transaction

·Used for illegal transactions, including without limitation fraud, Oclean Gift Card purchases with proceeds of illegal activity or gifts of Oclean Gift Cards to bribe public officials

·Used to buy any Oclean products or services other than Eligible Goods (see Section 2 above)

·Used with any merchant other than Oclean

·Used for reselling or redistributing

10. Are Oclean Gift Card purchases refundable?


11. Can a Cardholder redeem an Oclean Gift Card for cash?

A Cardholder may not redeem an Oclean Gift Card for cash, except as required by law.

12. How does a Cardholder obtain a cash redemption when required by law?

If a Cardholder wants a cash redemption that is required by applicable law, please contact us at, and we will remit payment for the amount of the required redemption.

13. What if a Cardholder wants to return Eligible Goods bought with an Oclean Gift Card?

If a Cardholder is entitled to a refund for any reason for returned Eligible Goods obtained with an Oclean Gift Card, we will credit to the Oclean Gift Card the amount originally paid using that Oclean Gift Card. If a Cardholder entitled to a refund used another payment method in addition to an Oclean Gift Card for the refunded purchase of returned Eligible Goods, we will credit the portion paid with the Oclean Gift Card back to the Oclean Gift Card and refund the remainder to the other payment method. If we credit an Oclean Gift Card for a refund, the credit may not be immediately available.

14. Is Oclean’s liability limited?

Yes. Among other things, we will not, subject to applicable law, be liable if:

·Through no fault of ours, you do not have enough value available on your Oclean Gift Card to complete a transaction

·We block access to your Oclean Gift Card after you reported it lost or stolen or reported an unauthorized transaction

·Circumstances beyond our control (such as pandemic, warfare, terrorism fire, flood, or systems failure) impair the processing of a transaction, despite our precautions

15. Can these Oclean Gift Card Terms change?

Yes. We may change these Oclean Gift Card Terms any time, subject to applicable law. If we do, we will notify you in accordance with applicable law. If we need to change these Oclean Gift Card Terms due to security concerns, we may make the changes to these Oclean Gift Card Terms and our related practices without notifying you first.