Can You Bring an Electric Toothbrush on a Plane?

A frequent question regarding TSA regulations is: "Can you bring an electric toothbrush on a plane?". The answer is yes, but there are a few considerations.

While planning a trip, it is common to have a few doubts about what you can take with you on the plane and what to do with your personal care products such as nail clippers, toothpaste, and toothbrushes.

Therefore, a frequent question among many travelers is: "Can you bring an electric toothbrush on a plane?". The reason for this question is that toothbrushes are battery-powered devices.

Fortunately, although TSA guidelines are strict, electric toothbrushes are permitted inside the plane. However, there are a few considerations that you should know.

Can you bring an electric toothbrush in checked luggage?   

TSA allows you to bring your electric toothbrush in both your checked luggage and carry-on bag.

It is considered a relatively safe device that doesn't pose any danger to passengers or planes. Although it is electric.

However, where you will pack your device depends on the type of electric toothbrush you possess. If it runs on AA batteries, you can store it in any place you like. On the contrary, if your toothbrush runs on a lithium-ion battery, it should be carried in your carry-on bag. (All Oclean smart sonic electric toothbrush run on lithium-ion batteries, so please put your Oclean toothbrush in your carry-on bag when traveling.)


Why should lithium-ion toothbrushes be stored in carry-on?

Although the odds are low, this type of battery can catch fire. Therefore, it is prohibited to carry them in checked luggage since they can start a fire without anyone noticing it in time.

Furthermore, spare lithium-ion batteries should also be carried as a safety measure in your carry-on.

It is also recommended to bring your smart sonic electric toothbrush in your carry-on bag even if it does not possess a lithium-ion battery. This helps prevent the inconvenience of buying a new one if your checked luggage gets delayed or lost.

Although TSA guidelines can be strict, they do not prohibit bringing your electric toothbrush with you on the plane. As long as you keep it in your carry-on bag if it runs on a lithium-ion battery, you won't have any issues with the airport security or the airline.


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