Oclean was founded in 2016 with the corporate vision of “Redefine, for better oral care”. Oral health is a key indicator of overall health, well-being and quality of life. (Source: World Health Organization). In alignment with our vision, our mission dedicates to making everyone’s oral health better and easier by leveraging edge-cutting technology and smart solutions.

At Oclean, we are driven by meticulous research and problem identification, aimed at developing solutions that empower users to enhance their oral health. Studies reveal that 90% of individuals miss certain areas during their brushing routine, leading to plaque accumulation and potential oral issues (Source: Oclean Lab database with over 200 million brushing behaviour data).

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Since the establishment of the Oclean brand, we have secured 300+ toothbrush patents, with the leading position in terms of quantity among the global oral care brands, expanded our presence to 40+ markets and received 20+ international awards, including prestigious design awards such as the Red Dot, iF Design, Good Design Awards Furthermore, we have also won media and consumer awards such as Deutschland Favorit 2023, and Connect test seal with SEHR GUT' result
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