What Should I Do If I Find Food Getting Stuck in My Teeth?

Consuming delicious cuisine always seems like fun. But what can you do if food gets stuck between your teeth? 

Some foods will almost certainly get stuck between your teeth. Typically, seeds, like broccoli, spinach, and pork products, need a thorough flossing to eliminate all food particles.

But did you know that if food gets lodged between the same teeth often, you may develop a condition known as a food trap? Food traps may raise the chance of developing specific tooth issues too!


Why does food gets stuck in my teeth?

The condition of food getting stuck between your teeth is referred to as a "food trap." Now conditions like this may occur for several reasons, such as if your gums recede and create a triangular hole. Due to its triangular form, some individuals often refer to this as a "black triangle."

Another prominent reason your food gets stuck between teeth is decay and the formation of cavities.

Lastly, gum diseases might also be considered an uncommon but probable reason for food getting stuck between the teeth. Gum disease may lead to receding gums and create difficulties with tooth attachment to the bone if left untreated.


What should I do about food traps?

No one treatment option can help resolve your condition, for example.


  1. Suppose you know that the food particles are stuck between your teeth due to tooth decay. In that case, you must choose to undergo a dental fillingprocedure or choose to undergo a porcelain inlay restoration procedure.


  1. If a food trap has occurred due togum recession, opting for periodontal treatment can be the best choice.


  1. If gum swelling isthe reason, you must treat the condition quickly with medicinal mouthwash rinses or oral anti-inflammatory drugs, such as metronidazole tablets, cephalosporins, etc.


  1. Lastly, you must keep flossing consistently and evaluate your technique. You do not want to drive food particles further into your gums! Always use a new piece of floss, and if that doesn't work for you, go for Oral Irrigators.


Wondering which oral irrigator can be best for you?

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