What Should I Do If I Have Black Dots on My Teeth?

Despite taking care of your oral health, you might still find black spots on your molars. Are you wondering if these are just stains or something even more severe?


Well, black spots in molars might indicate an early sign of decay. According to a survey, there's an 89% chance of developing caries in people aged 35-44 and 95.6% in people aged 55-64. Therefore, it is not that you won’t have the risk of developing caries. So what should you do?


What should I do about the black spots?

After discovering a black spot on any of your molars, the first step is not to panic. Several factors might give rise to this condition; here are a few of them:


  1. Surface Staining:Frequent intake of certain foods or beverages like coffee, tea, red wine, and soft drinks may stain the surface of the teeth. Nicotine is another prevalent staining agent.


  1. Tartar Accumulation:Tartar, a hard material, may accumulate on teeth, especially along the gum line, causing stains.


  1. Cavity or tooth decay:Cavity or tooth decay is likely the most common cause that might give rise to a black spot on your molar teeth. A cavity occurs when plaque (that includes acids) erodes a tooth's surface enamel. A hole in the tooth's protective coating may sometimes look like a black dot, even though it is the dentin of the tooth.


  1. Excessive Fluoride: Excessive fluoride consumption during tooth growth between 1 and 3 years might cause black spots on molar teeth. The consequences of this are unclear until the teeth emerge. This condition is known as fluorosis and is caused by excessive fluoride levels in drinking water, especially from untreated and uncontrolled sources.


  1. Medications:When used during tooth growth, several drugs, particularly some antibiotics, may discolor teeth.


  1. Medical Condition:You may acquire these dots if you have medical issues. In patients with Celiac disease, tooth enamel fails to form usually, and spots often emerge.


  1. Aging- As teeth age, enamel begins to degrade, revealing the yellowish-brown dentin underneath, giving rise to black spots.


The best way to prevent these black spots is to consult a professional who might recommend undergoing any specific dental procedure. Furthermore, most dentists recommend using an electric toothbrush to keep your teeth clean and develop a good brushing habit.


How to brush with an Sonic Electric Toothbrush?

You can achieve better plaque removal and gingivitis reduction with Oclean Smart Toothbrush, which utilizes Maglev 2.0 Cleaning Technology. A stable wide swing effectively expands the cleaning range and improves cleaning efficiency.



This brushing action differs from ordinary manual toothbrushes that ensure optimal cleaning. Grab one to improve your oral health today!

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