How to Pull Out a Tooth?

During childhood, temporary teeth, also known as baby teeth, get replaced by adult permanent teeth. This is a natural process that happens to everyone and usually begins after reaching 6 years old.

Usually, the teeth fall out on their own after a while. However, there are some occasions where extra help is needed if they don't fall out naturally. In these cases, it is possible to carefully pull them out.

Nonetheless, in the case of adults, it is highly recommended to visit the dentist for a tooth extraction. Trying to pull out a permanent tooth at home can be extremely painful.

In this article, we'll explain how to pull out a tooth and give a few recommendations on this issue.

How do you pull a tooth out quickly and painlessly?

Pulling a tooth is usually a quick and painless experience. Furthermore, it only takes a few seconds to do it.

However, ensuring that the tooth is entirely loose and ready to fall out is essential. Otherwise, it will be hard to pull out and might even hurt.

A tooth gets loose as the permanent tooth underneath it begins to erupt. This causes the temporary tooth's roots to reabsorb or dissolve. Therefore, leaving only the tooth crown slightly attached to the gums. If the tooth's roots are not entirely reabsorbed, it won't be easy to pull the tooth out.

Once the tooth is completely loose, any method is capable of pulling it out quickly and painlessly.

What is the easiest way to pull out a tooth?

The easiest and safest way to pull out a tooth is using a clean or sterile piece of gauze.

Before doing it, wash your hands thoroughly. This prevents bacteria from traveling from your hand toward your child's mouth. Afterward, cover the tooth with a piece of gauze and grab it gently but firmly. Lastly, move the tooth back and forth until it falls out.

If the tooth is loose enough but won't come out, it might be possible to twist it a little. This can help detach it from the gums.

Nonetheless, it is still recommended to let it fall out on its own. Wiggling it gently with the tongue and eating crunchy food can help it happen.

How do you pull out a tooth that hurts?

If a tooth hurts, the only solution is to visit the dentist. Furthermore, a toothache is not always a reason to pull out a tooth, especially in the case of permanent tooth. On many occasions, a restoration can be enough to ease the pain.

In cases where a tooth is severely damaged and can't be restored, only a dentist can extract it using special tools and anesthesia. This applies to both children and adults.

Fortunately, this can be prevented with good oral hygiene. Using the Oclean Kids Electric Toothbrush, it is possible to keep your children's teeth healthy until they are ready to fall out. It even has noise-cancelation technology to make the experience more enjoyable for kids.


On the other hand, if a healthy temporal tooth hurts while trying to pull it out, it could indicate that it is still too early. In this case,  you could wait a few days or weeks until the tooth becomes looser to pull it out painlessly.

Is it safe to pull a tooth at home?

Pulling out a temporary tooth at home is entirely safe and frequent. Furthermore, the risk of injuries or accidents is fairly low.

One of the most common inconveniences that could happen is mild bleeding. Nonetheless, this is not frequent and shouldn't represent a cause for concern. Furthermore, it usually stops after a few seconds. It is also possible to place a gauze pad on top of the area to help stop the bleeding.

However, there are a few occasions where it is recommended to let the dentist extract the tooth instead of pulling it out at home. Also, only the dentist can remove the permanent tooth if it has erupted without making the temporary one fall out. This can't be done at home because the temporary tooth is most likely firmly attached to the bone or gums. Therefore, special equipment is needed to extract it.

The takeaway 

Pulling out a temporary tooth can be easily done using a clean piece of gauze. However, the tooth should be completely loose. Otherwise, it might not be quick and could be painful.

It is also recommended to let the child wiggle the tooth with the tongue and eat crunchy food. This helps the tooth get looser and can even make it fall out on its own.

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