How Many Calories Are in Toothpaste?

It is necessary to maintain the health of your teeth and use the right toothpaste. But have you ever wondered how many calories are in toothpaste

The answer to the question is that there is usually 1 calorie per 100g of toothpaste. However, since it isn’t swallowed or consumable, the calories will not affect the user at all. Moreover, different types of toothpaste have different ingredients.

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How many calories in toothpaste?

One cup of toothpaste comprises 4 calories, 4g fat, 4g carbs, and 4g protein. However, the quantity changes depending on the manufacturing brand.

The calories of the toothpaste change with the brand you are using; and since they are made of different formulas, the base minerals and elements are different for all. It is an assumption by many that the main ingredient of calories in toothpaste are phosphorous and calcium in addition to other basic elements. However, the main ingredient in most toothpaste is fluoride.

Though it does not make any difference because all these elements are necessary for the teeth. They protect the teeth from dental problems, for example, tooth decay, and protect the gums.

What are the functions of the elements in toothpaste?

After you know what the calories in toothpaste are, you should know the functions and benefits. Moreover, you should also be aware of the elements in the calories of the toothpaste. Here are some of them listed below

  • Fluoride protects the surface of the teeth (enamel) and makes them strong against acidic foods
  • Fluoride protects the teeth against cavities
  • Glycerol prevents the toothpaste from drying out
  • Sorbitol in toothpaste is used as a sweetening agent and that adds up to the calories of toothpaste
  • Calcium carbonate helps in removing plaque and stains from the teeth. Moreover, it also consists of silica gel, aluminum oxide, and magnesium carbonate that remove stains

Does brushing your teeth have calories?

Brushing your teeth can help you in burning 5.8 calories, however, that isn’t the main purpose. Your aim should be to clean your teeth. To clean teeth more thoroughly and simply, dentists recommend using a smart toothbrush and water flosser.




Are there carbs in toothpaste?

Toothpaste has carbohydrates but it isn’t absorbed in the body when you brush your teeth.


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