Oclean Making a Splash in the U.S.

It’s only been a few weeks since we launched the Oclean brand in the U.S., and we already have consumers and media buzzing! 

Whether it’s our Oclean X Pro Digital sonic electric toothbrush, W10 Portable Water Flosser or the Oclean X Ultra smart toothbrush we gave reporters at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas a first look at, the reception has been overwhelming. 

Oclean X Ultra S Smart Electric Toothbrush - Oclean US Store
  • The Today Show said of our X Ultra: “This is the smartest toothbrush I have ever seen!” 


Oclean X Ultra S Smart Electric Toothbrush - Oclean US Store
oclean w10 water flosser

  • CNET said “What’s most remarkable about the Oclean X Ultra is that it will provide feedback on your brushing in real time. An AI voice guide uses bone-conduction technology to offer tips to help improve your technique as you brush.”

  • Trend Hunter said The Oclean X Ultra Wi-Fi Digital Toothbrush is equipped with AI technology and is redefining oral care for consumers everywhere. This innovative toothbrush transcends traditional brushing methods, offering real-time feedback and guidance to users during their oral hygiene routine.”
The Oclean X Ultra Uses A For a Better Oral Care Routine

Even Steven Colbert took notice and had some fun with our X Ultra  in one of his late night sketches. 

So why is everyone talking about Oclean? 

First, we’re bringing an unprecedented level of technology to our products - features that no other oral care company has - like artificial intelligence, instant feedback, bone conduction technology, WiFi connectivity, a six-axis gyroscope and powerful motors. All that technology means a completely different experience when brushing your teeth; our customers say their teeth have never been cleaner and they actually look forward to brushing their teeth every day. 

Second, we’re delivering all this technology at about half the price of our competitors. That’s right; if you’re using another brand’s smart electric toothbrush, our products are far more advanced and cost about half the price. 89% of Oclean users say they switched from one of the three leading oral care brands, and 86% say they’ve seen an improvement in their oral health since they switched to Oclean (less plaque, healthier gums, brighter smile). 91% percent of our customers surveyed say compared to other oral care brands, Oclean provides better value for the money. 

Our brushes clean better, are quieter and have a longer battery life - if you’re new to the Oclean brand, try one of our products for yourself and see what all the buzz is about. 


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