November 06, 2021

Three Reasons to Fall in Love with Oclean W10

Oclean W10 is designed to enhance a user’s dental experience, whether at home or traveling, by facilitating a deep clean in hard-to-reach areas, including tooth surfaces and tight interdental spaces.

Design: W10’s leading differentiator in the water floss market is the elegant and portable design. Its mobile design and handle make it easy to carry and travel everywhere. Offering pink and green colors attracts lifestyle media options, making it an excellent gift for anyone in the family when most competitors come in a dull gray, black, white, and bronze.

Powerful Waterjet & Flossing Modes: Through its pulse technology and maglev motor, W10 efficiently removes food debris and dental plaque with 1400 pulses per minute and with an intensity of 20-90psi. Depending on teeth sensitivity, W10 is equipped with five distinctive floss modes to adjust the level of water intensity you'll need for better comfort.

High-Performance Nozzles: W10 comes with four high-performing Nozzles, including the Standard Nozzle, Orthodontics Nozzle, Periodontal Pocket Nozzle, and Tongue Scraping Nozzle. Most competitors come with 3-7 standard nozzles, but all seem to be missing the tongue scraping nozzle, which allows complete hygiene care and helps with fresher breath.

So, are you ready to freshen up your worthy?

About Oclean

Oclean - strive for excellence - is a company devoted to providing professional & smart oral care for overall health and well-being.

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