Coffee After Tooth Extraction

You’re a coffee addict and you just got your tooth pulled. You’re trying to push past the brain fog, but it’s just not happening.

You may ask – Can I drink coffee after tooth extraction? The answer is yes. But you must make sure of two things. First, your coffee should be at room temperature. Secondly, you must try not to drink coffee for the first 24 hours – because hot coffee blocks healing.

Coffee can block healing

Once the dentist extracts your tooth, a clot is formed. The term “blood clot” may sound hazardous, but it is essential for the healing of dental socket.

Drinking coffee immediately after extraction can dislodge the blood clot. The result is dry socket – a painful condition that blocks the healing process. However, this is not the case with cold coffee or coffee at room temperature. In addition, the caffeine present in coffee can delay healing. It might as well adversely affect the repair of adjoining gums – a fact from The National Library of Medicine.

Alternatives to Coffee

Feeling the urge to immediately drink coffee – what to do? The number one thing you can do is switch to specific food and beverages. These include:

  • Smoothies: The yummiest alternative one can opt for is a sweet smoothie, such as the famous strawberry smoothie. These contain all the important vitamins your body needs. One pertinent thing to mention is to properly blend all the fruit seeds, as they can get stuck in your socket and cause complications.
  • Non-Carbonated Drinks:Sparkling water, a fruit punch, orange juice, and lemonade are some drinks you can consume instead of a hot coffee. Other options include flavored water, sports drinks, and sweetened tea.
  • Water:The most underrated alternative anyone can suggest is drinking water instead of coffee. This will help you stay hydrated and fasten the healing process.
  • Milk: Drinking milk ensures a well-balanced intake of nutrients, including calcium, protein, carbohydrates, and fats. This will promote healing by nourishing the blood supply of the socket.

Whatever drink or beverage you choose, be sure not to drink it with a straw as this might dislodge the clot, making the drink hazardous instead of beneficial.

How soon after tooth removal can I drink coffee?

A span of 5 days is usually recommended to halt your coffee-drinking habits. However, as mentioned earlier, you can drink coffee at room temperature after 24 hours. The reason is mentioned in the preceding section of this article.

One more thing should be kept in mind when considering the time span, i.e., every human is different from one another. There can be a person with blood problems that he might not know about. Same goes for any other pathology present in the human body. Therefore, it’s always necessary to follow the post-op instructions of your dentist.

How to speed up healing after tooth extraction?

You need to follow a “5-point agenda” to fasten the healing process. Not only will this promote healing, but it will also ensure the prevention of complications associated with extraction.

1. No Exercise After 24 hours:

Exercises like running, jogging, or hitting the gym are healthy in day-to-day life. But when it comes to tooth extraction, exercises should be avoided for the first 24 hours. Here’s why. Exercise increases blood flow throughout the body. For a freshly extracted socket, the formation of a blood clot is imperative. The increase in blood flow will prevent its formation.

2. Mouth Rinsing After 24 hours:

The first and foremost goal after a tooth extraction is to inhibit bacteria. This is because bacteria increase the chances of infection and block the healing process. Salt water acts as a superman when it comes to destroying bacteria. Thus, rinsing your mouth with salt water after the first 24 hours is always recommended.

3. Avoid Alcohol, Hot Coffee, and Tobacco for 24 hours:

All three can dislodge the blood clot if consumed within 24 hours of tooth extraction. A painful dry socket may ensue as a result. Thus, it is always recommended to avoid them for the first 24 hours.

4. No Straw for the first 24 hours:

The use of straw is considered an act of mannerism in everyday life. However, if you’ve got your tooth pulled, you must avoid using one for 24 hours as it can lead to post-extraction problems.

5. Taking Care of Oral Hygiene:

American Dental Association (ADA) recommends brushing teeth twice daily. Alongside brushing, it also recommends flossing. Oral care is of significant importance – especially after tooth extraction. This is because the ultimate goal is to inhibit the growth of bacteria.

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After getting your tooth pulled, you can drink coffee at room temperature after 24 hours. Smoothies, non-carbonated drinks, water, and milk are some alternatives to coffee. Hot coffee should be avoided for 5 days after tooth extraction. Oclean sonic toothbrushes are a perfect fix when it comes to oral care.

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